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Dave Grooms, Editor

Dave loves to help local businesses but he can only work with a handful of companies at a time. Frustrated that he could not provide more help to more people Dave created this monthly magazine to help as many local business as possible. 

The magazine is free and delivered via email every month. Dave focuses on the hot topics for local businesses. 
Inside This Month's Edition
  • 5 Steps to Get Your First 1,000 Subscribers
  • 5 KPIs Every Online Business Owner Should Be Tracking
  • Is Your Business Using Social Media Properly?
  • How to use Instagram to Increase Your Business
  • How Retargeted Advertising Can Help Grow Your Small Business
  • Making Facebook Work Harder For Your Bottom Line
  • Infographic: Social Media Image Guide
  • And Much More!
Inside This Month's Edition
  • Social Media Trends for 2016
  • Marketing to the College Scene
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Business Blog
  • 3 Things Retailers Need To Do To Prepare For The Holidays
  • How to Network Productively during Holiday Seasons
  • Understanding the Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Infographic: Holiday Shopping
  • And Much More!
Inside This Month's Edition
  • 5 Essential Tips for Growing Your Facebook Brand Page
  • 5 Reasons to us Responsive Web Design/li>
  • 5 Effective Tips for Improving your Customer Service
  • 7 Ways to Gain Hundreds of Social Media Shares in Just a Few Days
  • The Benefits of Frequent Press Releases
  • Content Marketing - Grow Your Business with Free Advertising
  • 7 Tips to Spice Up Your Company's Online Presence
  • Infographic: Instagram
Inside This Month's Edition
  • 15 Features Every E-Commerce Website Needs
  • 3 Tips to Help Market Your Business To Local Consumers Online
  • Five Ways Your Website Could Be Turning Away Potential Customers
  • Why Smart Companies are Taking an Integrated Approach to Marketing
  • 5 Easy Ways to Increase Blog Traffic
  • The 5 Basics of creating a successful webinar
  • Infographic: LinkedIn Guide
Inside This Month's Edition
  • Direct Mail Marketing is Not Dead
  • 5 Tips for Building a Valuable Mailing List
  • How to Use Video Marketing to Grow Your Small Business
  • Traffic Boost: 8 Simple Keys for Organically Increasing Inbound Site Traffic
  • How to Deal with Negative Business Publicity
  • Infographic: LinkedIn Guide
Inside This Month's Edition
  • 5 Mistakes to Avoid With Your Small Business Website
  • Five Essential Elements of a Homepage That Will Get Results
  • Six Steps to Convert Page Views Into Profit
  • Five Basic SEO Tips for Organic Traffic
  • Marketing to Millennials
  • Infographic: Marketing to the Generations
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